Brentley Maddox Global


Catering to all Needs

Brentley Maddox Global is justifiably proud of its ability to cater to the overwhelming majority of our clients’ needs. They come to us for a diverse range of reasons. Many are seeking a way to generate steady, reliable income from existing capital while some want to put a high tolerance for investment risk to work in order to accumulate capital more quickly than by conventional means.

Others just want to invest money in good, well-run companies over the long term with a view to growing capital while an increasing number of our clients are keen to ensure that money and/or assets they wish to pass on to family or worthy causes at some point in the future are not made the subject of unwanted attention from the taxman or statutory inheritance taxes.

Holistic or Specific

These are fairly typical client priorities but in no way should they be seen as an exhaustive list of the requirements that we are able to handle. Perhaps you would like us to focus on a specific area that you feel needs attention or you might require a more holistic, all-encompassing approach that deals with your overall financial circumstances; regardless, Brentley Maddox Global has the expertise to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Investment Management

Premium-grade Guidance

Brentley Maddox Global’s investment professionals are dedicated to providing our clients with a standard of guidance that, not so long ago, was considered to be reserved for the super-rich and the so-called “whale” corporate investors with billions in client capital to deploy. Our investment management service offerings aim to reward the trust clients place in us with rates of return that consistently and convincingly beat the best of the global indices.

We aim to ensure that every client is furnished with a flexible, purpose-built and individualized investment portfolio designed not only to achieve the personal objectives they and we have carefully identified through careful and diligent analysis of their circumstances; but also to do so without restricting access to capital by imposing punitive lock-in periods or redemption penalties.

Understanding Asset Allocation

Just as the global financial markets are always evolving, so, too, are our clients’ circumstances. An asset allocation strategy that remains inflexible or rigid in its outlook will ultimately prove to be more of a hindrance than a help to a client’s life. With this in mind, our guidance must be adaptable enough to accept changes as the existing and realistically foreseeable conditions dictate.

Choose How We Work for You

Our expertise in this regard can be accessed in two distinct ways. The most popular is the Discretionary Management option which cedes day-to-day running of clients’ portfolios to the dedicated Brentley Maddox Global managers who acquire and dispose of assets as circumstances and market conditions dictate, without troubling the client for authorization.

The second is the Advisory Management option which works in exactly the same way as the Discretionary option but with the difference whereby the portfolio managers are duty bound to contact the client before taking any action (except in instances where a standing order is provided with regard to, for example, the reinvestment of dividends).

Financial Planning

Planning Retirement

One of the most important aspects of today’s financial planning purview is that which deals with retirement.

The period after we cease working day-to-day to earn the money that enables us to meet our responsibilities and obligations to family and other dependents. Frankly, it is the subject about which more of our clients ask than any other and, understandably, it is one that we pay a great deal of attention to here at Brentley Maddox Global.

Dealing with Your Concerns

Common questions include, “How much is enough to fund my retirement?” and “Who’s actually going to pay me every month?”.

There are a myriad of answers to these and many other questions all of which depend almost entirely on personal circumstances so it would be imprudent to expand on this issue within the confines of this page. However, we can assure all our clients that our consultants are particularly adept at creating the most effective solution for them no matter how near or far actual retirement may be.

Solutions for All Your Life

Our financial planning service also encompasses sound guidance and solutions for many other needs like life assurance, income replacement and healthcare. Our accredited professionals will work closely with you and any professional advisers you may have to find the optimum means by which to ensure that you are fully covered and protected.

Our financial planning services are broken down into several categories:

  • School-fees funding
  • Major purchase funding
  • Life Assurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Income Replacement

Legacy Planning

What is Legacy Planning?

Legacy planning is the process by which a client can determine how his or her assets are distributed when they die or are no longer able to make decisions for themselves. Without this, assets may either be distributed by the state, the judicial system or fought over by surviving relatives and dependents.

Why You Need it

One of the fastest-growing areas of wealth management in recent years has been legacy planning. Also referred to as “estate planning”, it is a branch of the service which helps individuals and families plan for the distribution of their assets after they have passed or upon mental incapacity. Most of our clients have worked exceedingly hard to build wealth and are keen that it should be passed on to family or dependents with as little impediment as possible.

Inheritance laws mean that, often, large estates or legacies can attract tax at levels which could leave beneficiaries having to sell bequeathed assets in order to meet liabilities to the tax collection services. Brentley Maddox Global’s legacy planning specialists are on hand to help clients preserve their legacy by deploying strategies that allow the transference of assets to their chosen heirs. Their goal is to mitigate or eliminate altogether the impact of estate tax.

How We Help

Legacy planning can be complex. Our professionals have considerable experience in these areas and can work together with you to ascertain your goals. We lay out the options for maximizing your assets and the preservation of your estate. We can ensure that any dependents, relatives or worthy causes to whom you may wish to leave a legacy are duly provided for whilst also ensuring that any estate/inheritance tax liabilities that may arise are mitigated and offset by using purpose-built vehicles.

In summation, we can help ensure that:

  • Assets are transferred seamlessly
  • Dependents are provided for
  • Philanthropic wishes are carried out
  • A suitable executor is appointed

Private Office

Putting Your Mind at Ease

As a leading wealth manager, our efforts support a wide range of families, trusts and individuals, many of whom are considered ultra-high net worth. Our private office aims to add an extra layer of refinement to our clients’ finances by guiding them to the point where they are able to enjoy life knowing they have structured their tax and financial affairs in an efficient manner.

Brentley Maddox Global’s private office works with clients to create a strategy that enables them to go about their lives unimpeded by the need to worry about paying personnel, organizing trips, paying utility bills and other minutiae. The private office/client relationship is built on trust and understanding and our personnel are known for their technical prowess and discretion.

Portfolio Manager standing in a chart

A Gateway to Specialized Guidance

The team provides the highest level of care and a deeply personalized service that meets our clients’ needs in every way. We can act as an introducer to other professionals as and when the need arises whilst, of course, observing the confidentiality of all parties.

Our personnel are able to provide crucial oversight in matters relating to property investments; they can liaise with legal representatives on minor matters, direct the management of tax compliance and help the client to achieve their and/or their family’s objectives in a professional and efficient way.

Supremely Capable

In all matters, whatever the task, the private office will make sure that the client’s financial, personal and charitable objectives are executed by adhering to strict protocols and, in doing so, reflecting their needs and concerns.

The Brentley Maddox Global private office can handle:

  • Personnel payroll
  • Property management
  • Philanthropic donations
  • Concierge operations
  • Utility bill payment
  • Taxation compliance