Brentley Maddox Global


What We Do

Brentley Maddox Global serves individuals and families in their quest for anything from better returns on existing capital or inheritance planning to accelerated wealth/capital accumulation or full family office facilities. We are staunchly independent and derive great pride in the fact that we neither ask for nor receive commissions or emoluments in return for selecting or endorsing the products of one provider over those of another to our clients.

Global Access

Although most client holdings will be spread across assets concentrated in key markets in advanced economies, we have made every possible endeavor to ensure that they have the ability to access all markets in all jurisdictions, be they small, mid or large-cap equities, mutual funds, fixed income or alternative assets.

Local Expertise

Important as the ability to invest anywhere is, we never forget the importance of our roots. We use our intimate knowledge of our continental markets to our advantage by providing unique and often exclusive Asia-focused investment opportunities to discerning clients in the advanced markets of the West.

Profiting From Innovation

We have forged close-knit relationships with some of the most influential and venerated banks, fund providers, broker dealers and angel/seed investors in the region in order to gain access to the latest and most promising initial public offerings within technology, life sciences, communications, and energy for onward dissemination to our clientele.

One of our goals is to grow the pool of resources from which innovative, forward-thinking companies and entrepreneurs can raise capital while giving investors access to the exceptional upside potential that the large investment banks, broker-dealers and underwriters in the West often ring fence for themselves and their preferred clients before IPOs are even announced.

Why Us

Building blocks


Brentley Maddox Global is a wholly independent practitioner and, as such, we don’t have to deal with restrictions in terms of the markets, funds or investment classes we judge to be suitable for our clients' investment and wealth management needs.

We are not financially tied or subordinate to any larger entity and, in keeping with our independent standing, we don’t accept the financial incentives many providers offer in order to see their products offered before those of their competitors.

Fee-based Service

Brentley Maddox Global has been and always will be a steadfast advocate of relying upon fees for our services. We firmly believe that the commission-driven system, in which the level of remuneration generated for an adviser depends on selling a product, establishes a clear conflict of interest between the adviser and the client. Our fee-based remuneration model eliminates such conflict as no incentive exists other than, of course, doing our best to advance the interests of our clients.

Inspiring Confidence

As far as we’re concerned, clients don’t only need to be assured of the pertinence and suitability of the guidance they receive but they also need to feel absolute confidence in the integrity of the firm they entrust safe-keeping of their hard-earned wealth to.

Over the years, our industry has seen many practitioners surrendering their independence; “consolidation” has become a byword for “progress” despite the fact that such events can often leaving clients with less in the way of choice.

Genuine Impartiality

In our expert view, only a practitioner with the means by which to access to the entire marketplace can truly claim to offer impartial advice. As a proudly independent privately-held concern, Brentley Maddox Global can offer clients the highest caliber of guidance and service, tailored to the exacting requirements of the discerning client who demands clarity, integrity and professionalism are supplied as standard; not as cost-options.

  • Genuine independence
  • Access to the entire market
  • Transparent fee-based services
  • No conflicts of interest
  • Best practice... always

Our People

Technology Driven

Much of what Brentley Maddox Global does is quietly and faithfully supported by the technology we use to make sure our day-to-day operations run smoothly. To ensure our practice remains up to date, Brentley Maddox Global invests considerable resources in the maintenance and future-proofing of our key proprietary trading, research and support systems. From the high frequency trading systems and data feeds to the state-of-the-art portfolio pricing software, Brentley Maddox Global is resolutely committed to maintaining our tireless efforts to improve the service we provide.

Experienced Professionals

That said, it’s fanciful to imagine that technology can realistically supplant the expertise of a professional adviser with a comprehensive arsenal of financial market and life experience as well as the ability to empathize with the needs of a client with a pressing need to take care of his or her family in the event of his untimely passing. Attributes like this are not easily taught or acquired – they must be nurtured and developed over time which is why the commitment our professionals make to clients is matched only by the commitment Brentley Maddox Global make to them.

Our people standing on a bar chart

Investing in People

Brentley Maddox Global’s professionals hail from various disciplines ranging from investment banking, risk management, research, and management consultancy. Despite bringing unique skills to their roles, each individual consultant must come to us with a determination not only to take care of our clients, but also with a desire to improve themselves professionally.

Our personnel retention ratio is the envy of many of our rivals in the regional wealth management industry. We make a solid commitment to our personnel’s ongoing vocational development and we fund additional training programs as well as granting the leave necessary to achieve their goals.

Clients First

Above All Else, Integrity

A true fiduciary places the needs of his or her clients ahead of his own.

Although this concept has become diluted in some quarters of the investment industry, here at Brentley Maddox Global, the mere notion of profiting at the expense of one’s client is utter anathema. We prioritize the interests of our esteemed clients above all others, including our own. Whilst the overwhelming majority of clients’ interactions with Brentley Maddox Global will be spread among a handful of individuals, it’s good to know that, behind the scenes, there is a veritable legion of professionals and dedicated administrative personnel lending crucial support to the client-facing personnel’s efforts.

Personalized Service, From Day One

Individual clients are typically assigned a wealth/investment advisor (depending upon which of our services are required) at the outset. This advisor will act as a “point person” – he or she will act as a primary point of contact for their interactions with Brentley Maddox Global.

We commit to the establishment of a type of service level agreements with our private clients. After all, they’ve placed a great deal of trust in our ability to care for their financial wellbeing and we should be seen to be maintaining that trust through our transparency and readiness to serve.

Committed to Service

We undertake to return calls, emails and so on within agreed timeframes.

We undertake to ensure that clients NEVER feel like “just another client”.

In the unlikely event that a client should have a grievance or take issue with some aspect of our service, Brentley Maddox Global has a clear procedure in place that aims to resolve all matters to their complete and utter satisfaction.